22 October 2011


Normally, this blog is not for silly signs. Today is an exception. As part of an experiment, these ‘Wait for green!’ signs have been put up at traffic lights in Amsterdam. Cyclist organisation Fietsersbond explains what they’re about and how to get rid of them.

Tests with different designs have been going on for some time. This photo was taken in May last year:

9 October 2011

Moskva Express

Not sure what this one says exactly. My guess is something along the lines of ‘Attention please! The train’s electronical equipment is not suitable for charging phones. Train staff cannot be held responsible for ruined phones.” Perhaps not a very credible threat, but it works for me.

And this is what you can use the outlet for:

Don’t jump off the platform – Dangerous!

Don’t stand on the edge of the platform – Dangerous!

Standing on the edge of the platform not allowed:

2 October 2011


Who killed Bambi!?

Multiculturalism is alive & kicking in Neuk├Âlln:

Diversion for women & children:

2 September 2011

Washington DC, January 2011

DC wants to be a bicycle-friendly city - but not necessarily for speeding cyclists in the immediate vicinity of Congress:

No, don’t argue:

You guessed right. The image below is in one of the most gentrified areas of the city:

This makes sense:

6 August 2011

Amsterdam 2007

In a first violation of the principle that this blog is about signs from abroad, here are some old ones from Amsterdam.
Splashing water. Sign at the Hogesluis Bridge which used to be cooled on hot days by hosing water on it. The bridge is now being renovated

This one stood at a construction site at Sloterdijk for months if not years. They must have brought it from Belgium.

The famous blowverbod (ban on smoking dope) sign at the Mercatorplein. The sign has become obsolete after a recent court ruling to the effect that Amsterdam has no power to ban the - already illegal - drug. Rutger Groot Wassink (GroenLinks) proposed to raffle off the signs.